Grey hair

Grey hair

Greying hair. Sooner or later everyone has to deal with this, but for some people it starts at a relatively young age. Hair turns grey through a complex biological process. Not everyone is happy when the result of this process begins to be visible and the first grey hairs can be seen. Many people would like to prevent or counteract grey hair. Fortunately, in recent years more has become known about this process. And also how grey hair can be prevented.

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How does hair come to be grey? Because to explain, we first tell how the hair gets its color. In the hair follicle, hairs are formed which are provided with a color by means of pigment. This pigment is also called melanin and is found in the hair and in the skin. The more pigment that is formed, the darker the hair becomes.

As you get older, less pigment is produced and it makes up a smaller and smaller part of your hair. Also, the melanin contained in the hair becomes increasingly pale. This is because hydrogen peroxide, a substance found in the body, affects the colour.

A successful treatment against grey hair is therefore always aimed at stimulating the production of melanin and reducing hydrogen peroxide in the body.

The processes behind the greying of the hair

Reduced melanin production and fading are related to an imbalance of a number of substances in your body. In recent years, various studies have shown the contributing factors and processes for grey hair.

The following are the main causes on a biological level:

Reduced production of melanin: Melanin determines the colour of your hair. The older you get, the less melanin the body produces. This causes hair to gradually turn grey.

Reduction of the enzyme catalase: This leads to higher levels of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a well-known substance for blonding hair, but it is also a substance in the body that bleaches hair from the inside out, and again, the older you get, the more hydrogen peroxide is present in the body.

Increased levels of homocysteine: Homocysteine increases the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the body. A high level of homocysteine is often an indicator that there is a deficiency of folic acid and vitamin B12 in the body. In addition to its relation to greying hair, a high level of homocysteine can mean an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Decreased levels of Glutathione Peroxidase: Glutathione Peroxidase, the body's own enzyme that acts as an antioxidant, cleans up the hydrogen peroxide. When levels fall below normal, ageing can herald the onset of greying hair.

The right treatment

There are two types of treatment for grey hair. The first is to treat the root cause of grey hair by using a nutritional supplement. The second is to camouflage greying hair by dyeing the hair or using a colour spray.

Prevent grey hair

Our strongest treatment against grey hair are the Neofollics anti-grey hair tablets. This dietary supplement is packed with active ingredients that effectively fight grey hair and help preserve natural hair colour. Neofollics anti-grey also contains ingredients that make your hair healthier and help prevent hair loss. The tablets are suitable for men and women.

It is easier to prevent grey hair than to reverse it. Although the Neofollics anti-grey hair tablets can make grey hair return to its original colour, this is more difficult than preventing or inhibiting grey hair.

Colouring grey hair or grey outgrowth

An immediate solution for greying hair is to dye the hair or to apply a temporary camouflage (of the outgrowth) with the help of a colour spray. We offer the color spray of the brand K-max for this purpose.

Treatment against grey hair

Recommended for:

  • Beginning of hair colour loss
  • Increasing numbers of grey hairs
  • Grey hairs at the temples and nape of the neck

Age is an important factor in hair greying. In many people, the first grey hairs appear after the age of 30, but in some people it happens earlier. In others, grey hair may start later in life or develop very gradually. A possible trigger for grey hair is not only age, but also permanent stress or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Treatment for grey hair

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This treatment combines powerful anti-grey tablets with a hair lotion that works against hair loss and simultaneously combats grey hair.

Neofollics anti-grey tablets is a powerful and natural nutritional supplement that combats grey hair and promotes hair pigmentation. The tablets counteract the 4 main causes of grey hair. To do so, it uses a unique two-step treatment, with Melanin Complex™ and Enhanced Catalase™.

The Spectral.DNC-S lotion addresses graying hair in addition to hair loss. Nanoxidil and Melanex are combined in this powerful lotion with nanosome technology from DS Laboratories to form the best remedy for your grey hair.

Grey outgrowth

Recommended for:

  • Grey outgrowth
  • Much or completely grey hair that is dyed periodically

In the case of greying hair, which affects a large part of the hair, recourse is often taken to dyeing the hair. Even when the hair is dyed, there is often an outgrowth, making the grey hair visible again very quickly.

Camouflage grey hair with a colour spray

With the colour spray from Kmax you can easily camouflage grey hair or grey outgrowth. With a few targeted sprays your grey hair will no longer be visible. The spray contains natural pigments and provides a natural and water-resistant result.

Hair colouring is unfortunately harmful to the hair. It dries out your hair and the layers of paint make your hair stiff and lifeless. The less often you have to dye your hair, the better it is. By colouring your outgrowth with the colour spray, you are less likely to have to dye your hair again. That's how you keep your hair healthier.

Kmax color spray - Black (100 ml)

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The Kmax Color Spray is designed to conceal thinning hair or simply to give the hair a better appearance. The Colour Spray can also be used to cover outgrowth. The spray is very easy to apply and you will achieve the desired result within a few minutes.